Holly Morgan Personal Training

$ 600.00

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Product details

By purchasing this training package you are agreeing to a minimum of 24 sessions and maximum of 36 sessions. This routine is setup for 2 1x1 sessions and 1 session sent to you via email weekly. If the results are not coming as Andrew would like he will add in another 1x1 session.


If for any reason Andrew is unable to finish the package due to sickness, death, or a personal reason and no date is able to be determined for makeup your money will be refunded with the remainder sessions. 

If for any reason you or Andrew have to cancel a session 12 hour minimum notice is appreciated but not required as things can come up last minute  


Andrew is supplying food free of charge. This is not included in this package and for any reason Andrew is unable to supply food that will not affect this plan.


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