Fit + Updates

Starting Monday February 17 Fit + will be open the following hours.

Monday & Tuesday 10:30am - 6pm

Wednesday - Friday - 10:30am - 4pm.

Please keep this in mind as you are coming to pick up your orders through meal prep. We will be offering breakfast all day during the kitchen open hours. Our kitchen (made to order items) operates from the time we open until 2:30pm daily. After 2:30 we will only have meals in our cooler available for purchase.

We also updated our Macro Meal plan to list the choices for your to select from. Ending this, on behalf of the Peters family we want to say Thank You for your continued support and amazing partnerships. Some of you have witness all of our kids growing up and 2 being born. We are extremely grateful beyond words as it has allowed us to truly do something we are passionate about. We have heard the changes in peoples lives and it keeps the fire burning. We will always strive to give Chattanooga an alternative way of eating and creating longevity in peoples lives. Thank you all.

- Fit+ family

Ordering Info

All orders must be placed before Friday at 10pm to be picked up the following week.

All Express, Custom, and Keto Meals are picked up on Tuesday between 3 - 6pm. Please be sure to choose the pickup option during checkout that matches your food selection.

We believe in creating balance

Having three kids, businesses, and trying to make the most of life we realize that time is of the most importance. We started Fit + Meals with just that in mind. We wanted families to have more time together, less stress in the day to day decision making of what to eat. Lastly, a healthier alternative to the normal way of eating. We have a passion for people, health, and creating a business where we can cater to any and all needs.