Order Info

Our website opens for orders on Sunday at 10PM EST. All orders placed between Sunday and Friday at 1pm (or when we have reached out maximum order) will be ready the following Sunday and/or Monday.

Once an order is placed, you have 1 hour to cancel and get a full refund for that order. After an hour has passed we are unable to refund or cancel your order.

When placing your order please be sure all fields are correctly filled out with your food choices. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete order. Please email us ASAP if this happens so we can get you taken care of.

If you are part of our reoccurring orders (Subscription) we cannot refund your money back into your account in the event you forget to cancel your subscription before it charges the next order. What you get in return is an online credit. If we have already processed and fulfilled the order after the fact, no refund or online credit will take place. The customer has full control of their subscription via the Customer Account Page once you log in under Manage Subscription.

We do offer reoccurring orders for those who wish to place an order once time with us and then that order is charged and created every week for you. To create a reoccurring order please email us at orders@fitplusmeals.com.


Our hours for pick ups at Fit+ are as follows:

Sunday - 8p - 8:45p
Monday - 9a - 7p
Tuesday - 3p - 6p


*Please note when selected 6oz meat portions this is for meats only. Meals that are soups, chili, or any of the pastas will not be affected by this selection. Please order accordingly.