Your family depends on it and so does your health...YOU!

Your families life depends on it, and so does your health...YOU. In todays world there is a mentality of go go go and how fast and quick can I get this done. From working in corporate America where they are trying to do more with less, to the stay at home parent running around all day trying to complete that massive To-Do list...we are on the go. One important item we have left out over this time is our own personal health. When I sit down and talk to people about their health one thing I always find interesting is they really don't know how healthy they are. The assumption is if you are not overweight, blood pressure looks good, haven't had the flu in years, and stay active you are healthy. Wrong. I've seen many of the above people I just describe get diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack, stroke, the list goes on. 

Our own personal health is built from within by what we put inside our body and what we surround our body with. It's about being smart, making an action plan, and sticking to it. Your body is the only one you are given...a shell if you will that it's our responsibility to take care of it. See, my view on being healthy drastically changed when my wife and I had our first child. I knew then it was my responsibility to take care of myself and try my best to prolong the longevity of my own life so I will be here to watch her grow up. Then comes our second child, Lawson. Now the tables have turned again...I need to be super healthy! I have 2 kids and a wife that depend on me! Whoa! Wait for we have a third on the way. If healthy was important, now it is even more important. 

Granted, we cannot control every aspect of our health - but we sure are the main contributors to what we feed our bodies. Are we feeding our bodies fuel to fight off disease, cancers, and holding off the aging process? Or are we feeding ourselves toxic chemicals that in return increase the aging process and kill the healthy cells that allow those filled with diseases to take over? It's simple, and easy and that is why we here at Fit Food Chatt have went back to the drawing board with our mission for 2015. We want to offer people more than food...we want to offer you the key to your health and longevity of life. We want to help you become a better you without taking shortcuts with your health. I see weekly this new "diet plan" online, or a new weightless shake and/or pill. The tagline of "replace 2 meals a day with X shake and lose 15lbs in the next 3 weeks!!" Of course it's going to work, duh!? But what happens when you want to start eating meals again? The body now is in a state of shock, and "holding" as I like to call it. You will gain the weight back and be on a nice little roller coaster ride. 

Next up, what about nutrients? When you are cutting out fruits, vegetables, and specific vitamins we receive from these foods you are not helping build a healthy you. Granted, you can live and your body will probably function as it did before, but what you don't see is the battle taking place within your body. Now some of these so called meal shakes and such do have a veggie blend/fruit blend but we what we have to remember is these nutrients are typically killed when processing takes place to make it a powder or liquid form. So our goal is to provide these options fresh. When we first started out we had our meats and veggies. We quickly learned we are missing out on leafy greens, fresh raw veggies, and such. So now we added that to the menu. Then we quickly learned, what about the nutrient rich, energy packed, sunshine in a bottle juices? Lets carry those too!

As you can see the team here at Fit Food care about a healthy YOU. We care about your families, and we want to help you along the journey of health as much as we can!